Frequently Asked Questions

About SJY

We are an outdoor furniture company that specializes in outdoor living.

SJY has our own in-house designer, and we also collaborate with international designers for mixed culture design elements. These designers work closely with our research and development team to bring out the best in material and ergonomic furniture for you.

Yes sure, why not? We’re looking for smart, driven individuals who are ready to dream up new ideas with our team. Join and grow with us. Visit here to find out our openings. P.S: Internships are welcomed! Please drop us an email at


Our products are designed internationally and manufactured in China.

Due to workmanship of our products, most of SJY products are fully set up. However, in certain cases, there will be an assembly instruction guide to help you.

Unfortunately, there is no fabric that can withstand UV rays within an indefinite amount of time. The wavelength penetrates through the fabric of the furniture, causing a chemical reaction with the dyes, and eventually initiating the fading process.

• Furniture should be stored when not in use.
• Use an umbrella or patio cover as protection.
• Use a UV protection spray on furniture
• Loose bolts, nuts and screws must be tightened.
• Use a silicone lubricant on all hinges and wheels to avoid rust.
• A non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner is best to clean soils and stains. If you don’t have one, use water to wash it off and clean it with a dry, soft cloth.
• To maintain the condition of wicker furniture, it is best kept under the shade. In addition, soak it in water once a year to replenish the moisture. Wicker furniture should be washed periodically.
• The best way to care for cushions is by having them cleaned and vacuumed. To prevent fading, store them indoors during off seasons.

Different types of furniture, like chair, relax bed, sofa, have different load abilities. However, they are all designed to accommodate commercial-used standard, under the normal use circumstances, and recommended number of users for each type of furniture is given. For example, 3-seater is best for 3 people.

Yes definitely, the choice is in your hands. You can choose from our extensive range of material colours. Order your material box from us to start experimenting the colour that suits your concept the best.

The material is AGO Brand Polyethylene. By using German technology, Polyethylene can be moulded into different profiles. AGO specifications of 5000 Anti-UV hours, Waterproof, Acid and Alkaline Resistance allow products to withstand extreme weather conditions. Polyethylene is a good insulator and resists caustic materials. Polyethylene (PE) is a light, versatile synthetic resin produced from the polymerization of ethylene. It has distinct properties such as:
• Lightweight
• Long-lasting
• Low friction
• Flexible
• Electrically resistant
• Sun resistant
• Corrosion resistant

The dry up rate depends on the surrounding weather humidity level. One method that can help is by shaking out the water after rain to remove the excess water.

Because aluminium is a lightweight material, it may not be able to withstand strong winds. We will recommend you the methods below to help make your furniture sturdier.

• The safest way is by screwing the furniture to the floor.

• Aesthetically, you can add steel bars as additional weight in the aluminium frame tube. This however falls under special requests and will incur additional cost.

• A cost-effective way will be by stacking the furniture and keeping it against the wall.


Our frame thickness ranges from 1.5 – 2.0mm. We will use 2.0mm for all main structures and 1.5mm for the rest.

The major difference between normal foam and quick dry foam is that the latter is designed specifically for outdoor seating and as the name suggests, it dries faster than the regular foam. Its excellent permeability can drain off large amounts of water, allowing fresh air to circulate freely and continuously. Because of these features, quick dry foam is resistant against natural mould and fungus growth making it the perfect material for outdoor furniture.

Yes, we use tempered glass for all our glass tables to ensure it is safe, but do take note that we do not use laminate tempered.

Yes, as we love to keep the teakwood in its original form. To maintain the smooth finish and golden-brown colour, we recommend you to sand your product regularly. Other than that, you can brush on teak oil or olive oil on it every 6 months.

Handwash is recommended. However, if you need to use the machine, use a protective cover over it.

Order & Shipping

Conveniently no. We try our best to make it available for everyone.

The lead time ranges from 45 to 60 days (60 days for peak period).

Here is a guideline for you to estimate how long it takes on top of the 45 days* production to your country’s port. However, please allow additional 7 days for custom clearance.

Country / Transit Time
Africa / 20 ~ 25 days
Europe / 30 ~ 40 days
Asia / 7 ~ 15 days
Oceania / 30 ~ 40 days
North America / 45 ~ 55 days
South America / 45 ~ 55 days
Antartica / 55 ~ 70 days

We deliver to countries all over the world. But just in case, do talk to us and we will check the details of shipment possibilities with you.