Diary of a designer: What do we do all day?

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Shall we start with a coffee?

Designers are frequently asked to be creative and the job often involves coming up with new or better ideas throughout the course of the day, so what better way to get your creative energy flowing than having a coffee or three? During the morning, creative ideas general start to evolve when we’re on our final few sips.

We develop ideas in dull meetings

When we’re asked to attend a meeting where we need to listen to boring facts, laws or codes, don’t be surprised if we zone out. We’re constantly thinking about design, so if for example, you’ve listed 30 bullet points on a presentation about rules and regulations in the office, we’re either going to be judging the fonts you’ve chosen or thinking about ideas we’re keen to bring to life.

We do not work to earn praises; we’re in constant competition with ourselves

Designers are not like most employees who work to earn praises, we’re too busy working on being a better version of ourselves. A fantastic interior designer will always focus on execution, it’s up to us to solve the problem and expose ourselves to new ways of thinking, rather than seeking social acceptance.

We know our clients a bit too well

For designers, it’s very typical for 90% of calls and messages to be with your clients, rather than friends of family members – yes even on weekends! Sometimes just being out of the office environment and somewhere else entirely helps open doors to new ideas and opportunities, so work never really stops!

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